Sun Auto Level (24x)

Sun Auto Levels. These are provided with fully sealed structure to protect from dust, humidity and resistance to rain and accidental dousing. Further, these are appreciated and demanded in the market for the following features and specifications as listed below :

Technical Data :

Parameter Model DSC-240A

Standard Deviation for 1km double run levelling 2.0mm

Image Erect

Magnificaton 24X

Objective Aperture 38mm

Field of View °20

Minimum Focus 0.5M

Multiplication Constant 100

Additive Constant 0

Compensator Range ±15

Compensator setting accuracy ±0.8

Sensitivity of bubble 8/2mm

Horiz circle-reading 1°orlgon

Instrument weight:1.85kg

Vertical Circle Level :1′ / 2mm

Temperature Range

Operation: 20 to +50°C

Storage: 40 to +70°C

Instrument Dimensions: 19×12×12cm

Instrument Weight: 1.6Kg

String rigid tripod & all standard accessories,

(Tool kit with case, plastic carrying case, silicon

Cloth, plastic rain cover & instruction manual)

Telescope Image: 24×

Telescope Image: Upright

Gas Filled: Yes

Diameter of objective: 36mm

Shortest focusing distance: 0.5m

Angle Measurement: 360 degree/400 gon

Selectable Distance Measurement

Multiplication factor: 100

Circular Bubble: 10’/2mm

Focus Drive: Rough

Horizontal Drive: Both sides, endless

Accuracy (Standard Deviation)

Per km double-run: 2mm

Single measurement with 30m target distance: 1.2mm


Setting Accuracy (Standard Deviation) : <0.5”

Working Range: ±15’


Impact: as per ISO Standards

Water & Dust Resistance: IP57 (immersion)